Saint Louis from Cahokia

Unlayering Cahokia

Cahokia is an archeological treasure in the midst of a modern landscape. It is the remnant of a thousand year old landscape, which has managed to survive to today. At its peak 800 years ago Cahokia was the largest city north of Mexico. Made of earth and wood, it rivaled contemporaneous London in size and […]

Finding Tarburner Spring

I am enchanted by water trickling out of the earth. Perhaps it is primordial, this deep evolutionary connection terrestrial animals have to water, a calling back to the first element. Or perhaps it is simple poetry — these two disparate elements, earth and water, one all solid and form, the other shapeless and incorporeal, mingling […]

Tower City Revisited

What is nature? I ponder this as I walk down a dirt track on a perfect autumn day. These woods are not old nor particularly tall, although the growth is thick and unexpectedly varied. Poplars, oaks, and maples dominate the trees. Thick brush makes a dense, almost impenetrable understory. Newly fallen brown leaves blanket this […]